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New Members are always welcome to join our organisations. If you would like more information please contact this website , the Minister or the Session Clerk



MESSY CHURCH is great family fun and is now being held in hundreds of Churches throughout the UK. MESSY CHURCH is held once a month on a Saturday, as Sunday is not always a good time for families to attend Church
MESSY CHURCH lasts for two hours; during which adults and children are encouraged to take part in craftwork, baking, music etc. all follows a theme. A short act of family worship is then held with the whole thing wound up with everyone having something to eat together.
We, High Church Hilton, will be holding our MESSY CHURCH on that last Saturday of each month between 3pm -5pm. All children must be accompanied by at least one adult.


Friendly Crèche and Sunday School

Church and Halls


Anchor Boys

Large Hall, Rosehill Drive
Officer in charge is Anne-Marie Stuart.


Mother and Toddlers (Pre-school to Nursery)

Mother and Toddlers (Pre-school to Nursery)
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We at High Church Hilton are very supportive of families and want to make them very welcome http://www.netmums.com/ne-scotland/local/view/baby-toddler/parent-toddler-groups/hilton-toddler-group

Mother and Toddlers meet on Wednesday mornings, in High Church Hilton's Main Hall. There is lots of suitable equipment, for example: toys, play dough, climbing frame. Babies are also catered for with seats, toys etc. on a carpeted area.
It’s an informal get together and a chance for mothers & fathers etc.to get a cup of tea or coffee and a chance to chat and share experiences.

Large Hall, Rosehill Drive
Contact: Vicky Shedlock, Kathleen Dawson or Alison Miller



If your daughter would like to join Rainbows, Brownies or Guides, please visit www.girlguiding.org.uk/interested . You will be asked to register your interest and the leader of the relevant group will contact you.


Small Hall
Guider in charge is Beverly Dyer


Large Hall, Rosehill Drive
Guider in charge is Sandra Wisely

Guide Company and Senior Section

Large Hall, Rosehill Drive
Guider in charge is Eve Clark


Badminton Club

Badminton Club… Junior and Beginners 7-10 years, followed by 11-14 years
Large Hall, Rosehill Drive.
Please Contact Brian Rhodes or Alison Miller


The Boys Brigade

Junior Section

Large Hall, Rosehill Drive
Officer in charge is Anne-Marie Lamont.
Boys Brigade Company Website: www.freewebs/66thbbcompany/index.htm

Company Section

Large Hall, Rosehill Drive.
Officer in charge is Paul Murray.
Boys Brigade Company Website: www.freewebs/66thbbcompany/index.htm


Meet in the Scout Hut on Rosehill Avenue AB244JY
Cubs meet on Mondays.
Leader is Robert Gauld.
Scouts meet on Fridays.
Group Scout Leader is Charlie McConnachie.

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We at High Church Hilton would like to draw attention to the following Web Links:
The Church of Scotland’s website provides information on the activities of the National Church

The Church of Scotland in Aberdeen provides information on Presbytery

With our situation close to Aberdeen University High Church Hilton has a particular welcome for Students; through the websites information on the Christian Unions at Aberdeen and Robert Gordon’s can be found at
homepages.abdn.ac.uk/aucu & www.rgucu.com & www.uccf.org.uk
It will surprise you what is going on in the Kirk... visit www.churchofscotland.org.uk
High Church Hilton suggests that praying can help www.trypraying.org
High Church Hilton highlights the work of Aberdeen Seafarer Centre via the following web link: www.aseafarer.com
High Church Hilton advises that the following link will put any part of the Bible in a variety of versions on your screen www.biblegateway.com

High Church Hilton advises that the following link contains details of a wide variety of Christian events in Aberdeen www.the-abcd.org.uk