High Church Hilton

Sunday Service 11AM
Crèche and Sunday School

Minister: Rev. G Hutton B Steel MA BD

Telephone 01224 493552

Session Clerk: Rhona Paterson

Telephone 01224 484074

Organist: Matt Milne

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Welcome to High Church Hilton, Parish Church of Scotland:
Address: 1-3 Hilton Drive, Aberdeen, AB24 4NQ. click to visit multimap

We are a warm friendly Church with a history of welcoming everybody, those who live in the Parish and the wider Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire community, students and people of all ages and nationalities. High Church Hilton is situated at the 6 roads roundabout and active in serving both Parish & Community.

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We at High Church Hilton would like to draw attention to the following Web Links:
The Church of Scotland in Aberdeen


With our situation close to Aberdeen University High Church Hilton has a particular welcome for Students; www.uccf.org.uk
It will surprise you what is going on in the Kirk... visit www.churchofscotland.org.uk
High Church Hilton suggests that praying can help www.trypraying.org
High Church Hilton highlights the work of Aberdeen Seafarer Centre via the following web link: www.aseafarer.com
High Church Hilton advises that the following link will put any part of the Bible in a variety of versions on your screen www.biblegateway.com